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First, make sure that it is possible to access the moving site by truck. If you decide to disassemble and reassemble on your own, mark the elements that belong together and store the screws and nuts in a labelled plastic bag. Boxes containing fragile goods such as glass, cups, porcelain must be clearly labelled as "fragile/glass" to ensure extra careful handling; such goods must be additionally wrapped with tissue paper or in bubble wrap. If you decide to pack by yourself, make sure to protect fragile goods and do not stack boxes with fragile goods on top of each other. Think in advance about where your goods will be stored in the new premises (bedroom, office, attic, garage), this will eliminate needless moving of heavy objects later on.

Who to inform about your move

  • your family, your insurance company
  • phone company
  • friends, neighbours, post office, school, bank
  • newspaper and magazine subscriptions
  • your employer, optician, library
  • physician / medical home
  • your municipality/ administrative unit etc.


The most common mistakes made during moves

  • forgetting the keys to your new place
  • failing to make sure whether you removed everything that isn't glued down or nailed down
  • forgetting about old but valuable items in the attic
  • failing to cancel subscriptions to magazines and newspapers at the old address
  • forgetting to unplug appliances left behind in the office / apartment / house
  • failing to shut down water, gas and electricity
  • forgetting to pay the bills: monthly obligations – checks coming in subsequently.


Items that cannot be moved through a moving company

  • Valuable goods such as checks, money, credit cards, bank guarantees, jewellery, testaments, sports prizes, various collections
  • Animals that could die during transport
  • Frozen or opened food that can get spoiled during transport.


  • Admiral d.o.o.
  • Občina Postojna
  • SNG Maribor
  • Okrožno sodišče v Kopru
  • Upravna enota Grosuplje
  • Republika Slovenija
  • ALD Automotive d.o.o.
  • IN2 Informacijski inženiring
  • European commision