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Moves within one town

Moves within Ljubljana, Maribor or Koper and their surroundings will be charged entirely per working hours spent by the local business unit of the company either in Ljubljana, Maribor or Koper. Every move is charged at a rate of at least 1.5 working hours delivered by the moving team.


Long-distance moves

Loading and unloading of goods will be charged per working hours (the same as moves within one town). Transports between towns will be charged according to the mileage made both ways, from point A to point B.
Submit your request to get an informative quote on our long-distance or international moving services.


Hauling waste to landfills

If you have goods that you no longer need, you can choose that we take them to the nearest landfill, where it will be disposed of. Should the local landfill charge a fee for the disposed waste, the fee will be added to client's expenses along with a copy of the weighing journal and receipt of the landfill confirming payment of the waste acceptance fee.



(exclusive of VAT) Price

Price list of local moves (within towns and surroundings)

Van team – price includes maxi van and two movers 50,00 € 61,00 €
Van team + canvas top trailer – includes two movers 60,00 € 73,20 €
Moving by truck with lift ramp – includes two movers 70,00 € 85,40 €
Additional movers: per mover 12,50 € 15,25 €


Maxi van with cargo space volume of 12 m3

Long-distance transportation:
the price includes the driver and fuel, waiting time: half hour loading and half hour unloading
0,50 €/km 0,61 €/km
Local transportation between towns: price includes driver and fuel 25,00 €/hour 30,50 €/hour


Transportation with trailers

Trailer – additionally for across town transports 10,00 € 12,20 €
Trailer – additionally for long-distance and international transports 0.10 €/km 0,10 €/km 0,122 €/km


Truck (7.5 ton GVW) with cold room and lift loading platform - 35 m3

Long-distance transports – price includes truck, driver, fuel, waiting time: half hour loading, half hour unloading, driver helps with pallet handling with manual forklift 0,80 €/km 0,976 €/km
Local transportation within towns 45,00 €/hour 54,90 €/hour


Additional workers in vehicle for transport or moves

Within towns, loading and unloading 12,50 € 15,25 €
Long-distance moves and transports are charged per mileage 0,10 €/km 0,122 €/km



Maxi van: volume 12 m3, cargo space length 3.4 m

Van rental up to 4 hours (including up to 150 km) 40,00 € 48,80 €
Van rental 4 to 8 hours (including up to 300 km) 60,00 € 73,20 €
Van rental 8 to 24 hours (including up to 400 km) 80,00 € 97,60 €
Additional kilometres made depending on the selected van rental package 0,20 €/km 0,244 €/km
* Customers rent a tidy vehicle with a full fuel tank and are expected to return the vehicle in the same condition.


Car trailer rentals

Small trailers – lightweight trailers up to 750 kg 25,00 €/24 hours 30,50 €/24 hours
Boat towing trailers up to 4.5 m 35,00 €/24 hours 42,70 €/24 hours
Canvas top trailers for goods transportation 35,00 €/24 hours 42,70 €/24 hours


Roof box Montana 9000

Daily rental (24 hours) 5,00 € 6,10 €
Weekend rental (Friday from 4 pm to Monday to 8 am) 10,00 € 12,20 €
Weekly rental (7 days) 25,00 € 30,50 €

DIY Moving Services – rent your moving equipment

(one small box trolley, one large box and furniture trolley, one four wheel box and furniture trolley, 20 pieces of felt covers to protect items during transport) only 15,00 €/24 hours only 18,30 €/24 hours

Dollies and carts rentals

"Skate" dolly – four-wheel dolly with hard rubber wheels 5,00 €/24 hours 6,00 €/24 hours
Hand truck - two-wheeled dolly with inflatable tires 5,00 €/24 hours 6,10 €/24 hours
Stairclimber – for moving lighter objects (up to 90 kg) up and down stairs; three wheel hand truck for climbing stairs 5,00 €/24 hours 6,10 €/24 hours


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