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In addition to our moving services, we are also a provider of forwarding and transportation services nationally and internationally. Our vehicle pool comprises 6 vehicles and ranges from a smaller van to a 7.5 ton truck with a loading ramp (lift ramp). We provide general forwarding services for companies, ambulatory delivery of goods (customer to customer), optional unloading and delivering goods to business premises and manual unloading of trucks to pallets.

Dump truck forwarding

Forwarding by means of dump trucks in and outside Ljubljana, sand and dirt delivery, hauling construction waste to landfills, manual and machine loading on trucks, hauling waste equipment to landfills.

Car towing

Towing of camper trailers, vessels and towing of car trailers.


Towing vessels of up to 1.5 tons (2 tons GVW including trailer) and up to 2.5 m wide, optionally with your own trailer.


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